Composing an MLA Format Research Paper Title Page: 5 Tips

Make a Note to Self

As a word of caution prior to beginning and/or continuing with the information further listed, do not delay and immediately consult the required guidelines of your research paper with your instructor. This by no means should be taken lightly or as an alarm. The warning should serve as advice into how to approach the overall formatting of your custom term paper which often times are required to be in an APA format. Nevertheless, if you have already checked with your instructor or can produce a worded replication of a physical document copy stating a title page is required for an MLA format paper by all means disregard the advisement.

The Title Page Format

Assuming that you have successfully completed the bulk of your research paper now, is the time to put together the “finishing touches.” In a sense, you should view the title page as a means of presenting the paper with a more polished and professional look. As superficial as it may sound, consider that all people possess a certain degree of superficiality to one degree or another. Wouldn’t you consider judging another’s looks so? This need for judgment leaves us reverting back to the idea of the title page as giving the impression of pleasing decorum which will, in turn, leave an impression on your instructor.

As with the rest of the paper, the title page should follow the standard format: be written in 12 point font, Times New Roman or another permissible font, in black ink, and on 8.5” by 11” white printer paper. Avoid, at all costs, embellishments of all sorts as the instructor will not be focusing their attention on such intricate art details. The information should be formatted to fit the title page neatly and correctly. Generally, the information needed is: the paper’s title and subtitle, if there is any, followed by the names of the author, course and section instructor, and the date. An online internet search will produce various website sources such as Academic Tips, and Diana Hacker which not only specify, but illustrate a sample title paper in MLA format. Ultimately, your instructor will issue final judgment on your research paper. Therefore, plan and take the adequate amount of time to edit and proofread your work.