A useful tutorial on how to write a summary of a research paper

Summary is a paragraph that has enough fuel to turn the engine of your reader to move forward to the next page. But for writing a perfect summary you need to keep the following things in your mind. The purpose of the summary is to drive your reader. It is important to condense all the information on your paper and impress the reader.

Use the following tips to full fill the requirements of summary writing

  • - Allow yourself enough time to first read the article and understand it well. Scan your entire research paper and highlight all the important information that you can find. The better you understand, the more will you be able to briefly explain your research paper.

  • - Use the outline of your research essay as your guide. Make sure to adjust the length of your sentences accordingly. Your summary is a paragraph not an essay.

  • - Divide your summary. Take one thing at a time. Don’t try discussing everything at the same time.

  • - Write a draft first. Never start directly without first giving yourself a little bit of flexibility. In writing a draft you have room for error and you can make amendments. Make use of this opportunity until and unless you get the kind of summary that you think is best and is approved by a senior.

  • - Go through your drafts. Be as critical as you can. Make yourself the examiner of your own work. Add more information if you think you have missed an important point. Edit your style, make it more interesting. Help the readers understand what you are trying to convey to them. Don’t make them struggle.

  • - Use concrete language. What you are saying should be precise and specifically exemplified. Don’t give a reference that you haven’t mentioned in your research paper.

  • - Paraphrase quotes or someone’s saying. Don’t use quotes directly the way they were. Paraphrase all that you have mentioned. That is the key for you to communicate with your reader.

  • - In the end read what you have written again and again. Make sure that you find yourselves intrigued. Once you are done writing, then put yourself in the shoes of the reader and judge yourself and ask yourself whether you would want to continue reading and if the answer is yes then you have surely succeeded.