American Government

The American government was founded in 1989, and the basic concept behind the formation is federalism, in which power is shared among state and federal governments and this concept was introduced by the formation of constitution (a document) in which the powers of each division had been described. The major purpose of introducing the constitution was to protect the rights of civilians. The expansion has been encountered in federal government’s powers since the civil war of United States. The constitution of America is heavily based on federal government. The federal government has been separated in three branches judicial branch, legislative, and executive branch.

Congress is known as the federal government’s legislative branch and the responsibility of congress is making laws. Congress is also divided in two chambers from which one is called upper chamber (Senate) and the second is known as lower chamber (representatives’ house). Congress is liable for money printing, war declaration, tax imposition, and law formation among other powers. The executive branch is based on presidency. Enforcement of law made by congress is the major responsibility of president. The judicial branch is made-up of federal courts; it starts from regional courts and goes up to supreme courts.

Political parties play significant role to bring people together in order to attain control on government American government political structure has been separated in three parties: local party organization, state and national party organization. In local party organization, political parties choose professionals to respond to the voters’ issues. In a state party organization, political parties conduct statewide elections. At the level of national party, political parties run applicants for presidency and congress. Currently American’s political parties had better reflect the American government than before.

American government has grate public policy according which such decisions are made through which citizens’ life quality is improved. This policy making process goes through many diverse processes from building to termination. American government also pursue economic policies that enhance the strength of an economy and in order to have strong economy federal government always search to achieve three major goals, which include stability in price, economic growth and reduction of unemployment.

The American government has some issues in its foreign policy, which includes national security issues and environmental issues that are needed to be resolved.