Who Are Custom Essay Writers?

While it’s easy to find people to write your essays on the web, they’re covered in a shroud of mystique. Instead of forever wondering who wrote your paper, put a face to the person by reading this article detailing the backgrounds of several different custom essay writers.

Most fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Full time writers looking for supplemental income
  2. Fellow students putting their education to work
  3. People who simply love scholarly pursuits, research, and writing

Full Time Writers Looking for Supplemental Income

Making a living as a writer is difficult. It can be virtually impossible for a writer to find an outlet to publish his or her works, and most have to turn to “work for hire” solutions to pay the bills. These writers are skilled at their trade, tend to work from home, and are capable of writing on virtually any subject.

They use the internet and the library to perform research. Most find the source of income to be rather lucrative, and end up spending a large portion of their time writing essays for others.

Fellow Students Putting Their Education to Work

The economy is in the tanks. Many college students graduate with a degree they find is relatively useless. Until the job market dries up, they have a few options:

  1. Get a job at the local fast food restaurant
  2. Go work at the factory
  3. Put their education to work as an essay writer

They have formal training on the subject they’re writing about, and know exactly how professors are grading papers. They’re skilled at what they do, and they’re interested in it, too.

People Who Love Scholarly Pursuits

You, undoubtedly, know several people that fall into this category. They love learning, and the more obscure the topic is, the more they’re interested in it. These individuals find essay writing to be the perfect career, since it gives them an opportunity to continue researching just about anything they could ever imagine, and getting paid while doing it.

Many are also good writers. It’s unlikely that someone with such an intense interest in studying and researching wouldn’t have put time into learning how to write a proper essay.

Essay Writers Are Just Like You

Of course, you might not like writing essays, or think you’re very good at it. But they’re normal, everyday people, just like you. Anyone you see clacking away at the keyboard at the local coffee shop could very well be a paid essay writer.