Composing A Good Essay On Why Nurture Is Better Than Nature

When dealing with a topic such as this you are getting into theory. The reason for this is that it is all about opinion. There is no facts that can be made for or against this claim. It is a question that has complexed man for many years. This means there is a certain process of persuading others on your point-of-view. Your job will to be as convincing as possible. This article is about composing a good essay on why nurture is better than nature.

  1. Since you have the theme or question you must turn to your outline. You must organize your outline. This is done by placing your research material in a particular order. This will make the writing easier with some type of direction. It will also give a positive flow to the entire paper.
  2. Go through and choose five of the strongest and most interesting sections of the research. These will be used to start each paragraph. These will be your topic sentences. Place the two strongest topic sentences at the first and last paragraph. These two places are important in keeping the audience’s attention. Remember when you are dealing in theory your material no matter the form must be set-up to hold the audience.
  3. There are two sets of questioning that needs to be used to get a good reaction from the audience. The first should be anticipated questions from the audience. You must be able to see them coming and tear holes in their meaning. This will show you were prepared. The second type are the ones you ask the audience. These should set them up to answer using your point-of-view. It will be hard for them to take the other side after that.
  4. Be sure you present your findings in a positive manner. Hypothesis do not always give positive findings. Remember that there are no bad findings. There are just negative ones on your experimenting. Be able to show them that there is always something good to take from any type of material you worked on to prove.
  5. Drawing an end to your work should do a few things. It should go over all the work that was done during the research to prove your side. It should give direction to anyone who may wish to further the work. It should never enter any new information. This will only confuse everyone.