Where To Get A Good Example Of A One-Page Essay About Yourself

Personal essay is basically describing your own experience, viewpoint, opinion or memory. It does not require any facts to support your data. An author writes out of his or her own feelings or emotions. It is autobiographical in nature. Everything revolves around the central idea of what the author tries to describe in the essay using his or her own thoughts.

Essentials of a personal paper
  • It must be written in the form of the first person point of view
  • It should be out of the authors own learned personal experience
  • It carries no objective or facts to be proven
  • It is written out of the authors own felt emotions and sentiments
  • The personal experience can be both learned or incidental
  • The author must be truthful with his readers
  • It should be conveyed in the form of proper narration with proper characterization and concrete plot
  • It provides the insight of a writer’s life hence should be well stated
  • It should well dramatized using significant techniques

Challenges of writing a personal paper
  • It is based on the author’s personal experience hence it should be backed by a proper setting and plot
  • It should hold on to the reader’s attention
  • Since it is subjective in nature, so it should not sound vague
  • It should not sound boring to the reader
  • It should be such that the reader feels that he or she is having a conversation with the writer
  • Avoid too much negativity in your writing
  • Try to register in the mind of the reader by making them laugh or retain some well written lines.
  • Try being positive
  • Try not being fake or sound as if you are cooking up stories.
  • Try writing something that is well acknowledged by your readers.

Where to look for one page essay about yourself?

There are various places where one can look for a good example of a one-page essay about yourself. They are as follows:

  • Reading short autobiographies of author’s
  • Searching online essays
  • Reading the fifty most famous short writing’s online
  • Renting an essay book from any library
  • Getting hold of archived essays from some university
  • Login in to some reading sites
  • Reading sample papers online