Essays on Psychology: Selecting a Rare Topic

When you need to write an essay for your psychology class, how do you pick a topic? Everyone picks things like Freud and Jung, but to really make yours stand out you want a topic that doesn’t get covered too much. Actually although selecting a topic is probably the hardest part of the whole process, it is really only as hard as you make it.

Getting started

Consider this: you are probably covering some issues in class right now. Start with one of the issues that you happen to be covering. For the purposes of this article let’s pretend that it is Asperger’s Syndrome. Now that you have chosen a topic, even if it is a much covered one, you are started on your way.

Step 2

This step might take a bit of imagination. This is where you must take the broad topic of Asperger’s Syndrome and narrow it down so that the research field is not so very broad. It could be something like Asperger’s Syndrome and the way it has influenced the public through TV and Fictional Literature. Something like that has probably not been covered very much and it is narrowed down enough that researching it should be a more focused process.


Since you have your rare topic the next step in writing the essay is the research. Make sure that every time you use information that came from an outside source you cite it both in-text and on the reference page of your essay.

Write it

Now you take all of your research and put it together in an essay. It needs a thesis statement, supporting evidence through the body of the paper, a conclusion that draws everything together while restating the thesis statement and it needs a reference page where you will list all of your sources.

See, that was not so hard after all was it? Some people have trouble with coming up with a topic so that might be the hard part for them. Others have trouble with the research part, others with the writing and still others with the references. No matter which part is difficult for you, by taking precise steps and setting small goals that lead to the end goal of a finished paper, this type of thing can be a no stress event. Pace yourself, reach your small goals and you will have no trouble getting it done.