Great Topics For Research Papers On Bullying

You may be asked to write a research paper for one of your classes. A research paper is one of the biggest papers that you may be asked to write. A research paper is designed to have you do some research on a topic, draw a conclusion, and then write a paper explaining your conclusion. A research paper is a great way to assess your analytical skills.

Bullying is a major problem in a lot of schools. Bullying is the use of threat, coercion, intimidate, or force to dominate others. It is usually a habitual action. The victim of bullying is usually someone who is smaller or who struggles socially. They are bullied by a larger student or someone who is popular. There are many reasons why someone would be a bully. They could have been bullied when they were younger. They may have a low self-esteem. They may be an outcast themselves and bully others to feel better about themselves.

Here are some topics that you can use to write your paper.

  1. Profile of a victim of bullying
  2. Profile of a bully
  3. Do people who get bullied become bullies?
  4. What are the effects of cyber bullying?
  5. What is considered bullying?
  6. Why do people bully others?
  7. What happens if someone is allowed to keep bullying others?
  8. What do you do if you see someone getting bullied?
  9. What should be done about bullying?

Once you decide on a topic, the next step would be to do some preliminary research to write your thesis statement. Your thesis statement will be the main point of your paper. It will be like a synopsis of the paper. You should then write an outline. It will help you organize your idea. Writing an outline before you write your rough draft will help you develop your ideas and then make sure that you have put your supporting topics in a logical manner. You should try to develop at least three supporting factors that prove your thesis statement. Each one of these factors should be explained in their own paragraph. You will also want to proofread your paper to make sure that you have taken care of any of the errors.

Bullying is an issue that most schools have to deal with. Awareness can help stop bullying. By having students write papers about bullying, you can help stop it.