Relationships are like a business contract

A relationship is like a business contract, and whoever cannot believe this, is just kidding them- selves. Whether it’s symbolic, through words, a pact, kept in one’s heart or a through a marriage licence—these are all forms of contracts. They may be more emotional than social, but still they keep us in check with life and make us understand that we are not animals. The relationship like a business must be negotiated over and over to be kept together, if not, it will break!

Five steps are needed to keep your relationship alive. The same can be applied to in the business world. Most successful companies us them and look at the long-lasting effects in happy marriages. These go by the same simple principles:

The first point of view, ‘Business is like a family’. When you deal with people, you deal with emotions. The best way to keep a business together is running it like a functional family and not a dysfunctional hellhole. You may be asking yourself, ‘how?’ Start with one basic rule, show that you care for people around; therefore, those same people will stay loyal to you. Keep it real and honest. Learn to confide in your partner. Asking questions, you don’t really have to give affection all the time in business, but in a relationship, ‘yes you do!’

Second point, communicate not only the good; however, state what’s bothering you. In the business world when companies have problems, they have to openly air their grievances. This helps in any strategy, gives a cordial atmosphere and also clears the air of any anger or misunderstanding. Always state in an honest, but positive manner ‘how do you feel’…

Third point is to plan ahead, keep the dreams and goals alive. Plan for the future, plan as a team effort and never exclude your partner from the loop. How will you grow old together? The same way companies plan it, so can you! How would you like to grow? Where do you see yourself five, 10, 15 or 20 years from now? These questions must be asked to be able to face the good times together and hardships.

Fourth, celebrate your successes through compliments. Don’t only state the bad things, but also the good ones. Give gifts and send thank you cards and notes when the time is right. Companies do it all the time, so should you!

Fifth, and most important of all, always allow room for change or changes. These changes should be on a positive note. Like companies who are always changing to make their products more attractive and better. Also, human beings must learn to change or at least modify their conducts/behaviours, etc. Keep yourself attractive and open to new things, ideas and incentives! The world is an incredible place. The opportunities for happiness and good love are endless, never fall into hopelessness. A person like a company needs to grow, if not, they will cease to exist or live in a state of loss.