How to Edit a Research Paper: a List of Vital Tips

No paper can be good when it’s unedited. This is an essential stage in the process of writing that you need to invest much time and effort into. Editing is not as easy as it may seem at first. If you want to do a truly good job of it, use the following tips:

  1. Put the text aside for some time.
  2. It will be best to set the paper aside for a day at the very least. You need to make your mind forget the things you’ve written. Otherwise, you will just unconsciously skip over mistakes.

    Getting some distance from the text will also allow you to see it from a new angle, so you will be able to notice more imperfections and fix them properly.

  3. Print out the paper.
  4. You will be able to see mistakes more clearly when you work with a paper copy of the paper. In order to achieve better results, you should work with both mediums. First, you need to go over the document on your computer and fix whatever you notice. Then, print out a copy and edit it as well. Take a break between these two sessions.

    Finally, you should make the corrections to the document stored on your PC. You will be able to double-check them and take a final look at the paper as a whole.

    Remember, being thorough is the key to quality editing.

  5. Ask someone else for help.
  6. If the person you ask knows nothing of your topic, you are in luck. One of the guidelines of academic paper writing is making the essays easy to understand.

    Other people will definitely notice the mistakes or inconsistencies that you may miss, because they see the paper from another angle. Your helper will also be able to point out the places that need to be clarified in order to make the paper readable for non-professionals.

  7. Prioritize if the time is short.
  8. If, for some reason, your time is limited, you will need to prioritize the various types of mistakes you will check the paper for at the editing stage. It’s essential to look for one thing at a time as this will greatly increase the quality of your work. You should start with content mistakes, then move to grammar and leave spelling for the last.

  9. Get some professional help if you need it.
  10. There are some specialized writing services that can help you edit any kind of academic paper. If you are running out of time, submitting the essay to professionals will be the best choice.