Guidelines on How to Write a 6 Page Research Paper

A student, can get an assignment of any size, when it comes to research papers. Many students feel this is a threat when they get a bigger paper to do, it is not. All the same rules apply. What it basically means is that there is more research to do, and more room to build a stronger argument. In this paper, it will be discussed how to develop a larger research paper.

  1. Pick a Topic
  2. Research
  3. Outline
  4. Format
  5. Write
  • Pick a Topic
  • The instructor, is going to give the class a subject to write about, and it is up to the student, to pick a topic from that subject. Use the format to pick the topic; relevant, knowledgeable, data available, and a strong view. With these tools, the student will be able to compose a good paper.

  • Research
  • This is why it is called a research paper. Do the research; crack the books, and scan the internet, as well as check out the journals, and media that can offer good information. Use every resource available to the student, and develop all the data needed for the paper. Then go to the next step.

  • Outline
  • An outline is always important, especially with large projects. Organize the data the way it will be used, then include it in the outline, so it is known exactly where they will go. This is not an option, this is a necessity. Cover each section that will be done; introduction, methodology, body, conclusion, and whatever parts the instructor says they want in the paper. Some instructors, will ask for abstracts, and cover sheets; the outline should cover these too, when they are asked for.

  • Format
  • Every research paper will have a style assigned. It does not matter, it is the student’s responsibility to have that style guide handy. Follow it and make sure the formatting and every aspect of the paper is done following the style guide.

  • Write
  • Now that the paper is formatted in the style, and headers, footnotes are ready, it is time to write. Always have the style guide at ready, as well as a copy of the writer’s handbook, at hand. These are the student’s Liferafts while writing the paper. Whenever an issue or question comes up, usually the style guide, or the writer’s handbook, can help the student out. Focus on the writing, use the guides as needed, but mainly focus on the writing.