Useful Advice On How To Write An 8th Grade Expository Essay

In 8th grade, students are taught how to build up their previous writing skills. Students learn how to handle more complex subjects. They are therefore expected to write papers with great paragraphs and well-structured sentences that are free of errors. In addition, they are required to use phrases, citations and graphics in their work.

There are different types of expository papers to write about on; descriptions, process, compare and contrast. Beside this you may also be required to write a formal and a non-formal communication application. So how is are student expected to tackle such kind of work?

  • Pre-writing. While in 8th grade students are expected to come up with as many ideas as possible from numerous sources. They are then to use tools such as; Venn diagrams, technology, outlines, among others in developing their own organizational format. Moreover, they are required to formulate a plan that will incorporate their purpose, ideas, audience and then stated duration of time.
  • Draft. Students should develop, categorize and organize their ideas in form of paragraphs, all in form of a draft. The paragraphs need to be blended in a logical manner. A draft is an indication of how a student is well conversant with a topic as well as the potential audience. Besides arranging your ideas, provide supporting details such as; paraphrases, comparisons and quotations. Moreover, you need to analyze and understand the language you are expected to use example rhythm, while writing an expository paper.
  • Revision. Revision is a very crucial and essential element. As it is meant to improve and ensure your points are properly and consistently flowing. Once you are done with your draft, revise it. Delete, restructure, rearrange and modify your text where necessary. You need to check on the tone of your voice, spelling errors, flow of ideas and choice of views, paragraph transition and work organization.
  • Edit. You need to edit your work to ensure appropriate choice of words, proper sentence format. This stage is basically meant to proofread your work. As an 8th grade student, you need to check on your grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalization. Editing resources include; a dictionary, thesaurus, word processor, among other sources.
  • Publish. By use of technology, author's write and publish their own work according to the given instructions. Publication could be in form of a manuscript, charts, graph, drawings and tables, all to enhance the appearance of your paper.