A List Of The Most Controversial Argument Essay Topics

Writing takes into account many things are one of them is controversy. Well, have you read on written something that is purely controversial in nature? Do you know of any controversial topic that need to be looked into and perhaps an essay on the same crafted? Well, when it comes to crafting an essay, you may not always be able to tell what is likely to feature in your term paper questions and this means that you must read far and wide, including on aspects of controversy. Life and the world are riddled with controversy on many fronts and this means that you can never lack what to write on. This is just to say the least because at the end of the day, what matters is that, you need to come up with a phenomenal academic masterpiece which will earn you good grades at the end of the day.

Among the issues of controversy, you need to pick on something which has not been looked into a lot of times. This will not just make your paper unique but also give you a good stab at good grades and good academic stance. You need to come up with something scholarly so that at the end of the day, you quest for outstanding paper of the year is realized. To this end, you need to ask yourself how many papers on controversy have you written and how many issues of controversy do you know. To help you get started, this post takes you through some topic ideas for a great essay, so read on for details.

  • Abortion has been a big debate for many years now. On this premise, it can form one of the controversial essay topics you can write on. A topic like, justify the legality of abortion is definitely a good one.
  • Write an argumentative paper on death penalty and with examples, examine circumstances under which it is permissible
  • The issue of female genital mutilation touches on violation of human rights. Write an argumentative paper on this topic
  • Human tracking is far from being worn. With exams, argue for or against
  • Illegal migration has become a major platform through which terrorism thrive. Discuss this topic with evidence cited
  • HIV/AID is a disease created by humans. How true is this? Write an argumentative paper on this topic.