Why Would You Use An Example Of A Narrative Essay?

When it comes to writing narrative essays, there are a lot of guidelines that every student must follow in order to create a paper that is going to get a good grade. IT is imperative that your essay follows the narrative essay guidelines in order to actually be a “narrative”. Many students will write an essay on a topic and ignore the qualities that would have made it a narrative essay and get points taken off consequently because of the fact that it does not follow the rules. Some of the most important elements of a narrative essay include:

  • It must tell a story
  • If written as a story, then it has to have all of the various parts of a story. (i.e. introduction, characters, plot, conclusion, etc.)
  • The essay should have a clear and distinguishable purpose
  • Should have a distinguishable tone, and point of view
  • Must be organized and presented thematically

These are just a few of the most important elements to writing a great narrative essay.

There are times when a narrative essay is not necessarily in the form of writing a story, and that is best described as a summary of a book or story. This way you are still sharing the story; however, it is from the audience’s point of view, not the character’s point of view. It is not an easy task for many students to write a narrative essay. In fact, many students struggle with writing a great narrative essay because it is challenging to make up your own story.

If you have been tasked with writing a narrative essay, it will be exceptionally helpful to have an example of an expertly written narrative essay to use for reference. This will help many students to understand the format and organization requirements for a great narrative essay. By referencing a narrative essay, you are enabling yourself to follow a formula that is proven to work. You will not be reinventing the narrative essay, so why not work from a sample. You must be sure to write your own unique and independent writing; however, there is no crime in finding a sample essay. By working with a sample narrative essay, you will be able to benefit from:

  • Reducing the stress associated with formatting the essay
  • Know that you are writing in the proper format
  • Have a realistic expectation for the essay and what you need to accomplish