Creating Unique Essays On William Shakespeare

If you are High School or College student taking any sort of English classes, literature studies or Drama classes this semester then I bet that you are sick of hearing about (let alone writing on) Shakespeare. It is true that every year there are probably millions of Shakespeare essays written at various levels from middle school to University. The reason why William Shakespeare’s writing is so universally explored is because it is not only culturally significant but many of his explorative themes and concepts are still relevant today. Learning about Shakespeare has just become an essential part of the academic curriculums, and writing about Shakespeare at one point or another is nearly impossible to avoid.

With so many Shakespeare themed papers out there it can be difficult to come up with a unique angle for your Shakespeare assignment. If you are the kind of student who thrives at getting good grades because of your unique insights into redundant topics, well Shakespeare is pretty tricky. It is nearly impossible to tackle this writer in a fashion that hasn’t been done before. However it is not impossible to still write an engaging Shakespeare essay, if you know a few tips and tricks:

  1. Choose one or more of the less popular Shakespeare plays or sonnets to study.
  2. Use modern cinema or a television show as direct comparison to old Shakespeare themes.
  3. Consider some of the more controversial Shakespeare theories such as: Was he a real person? Was he a homosexual? Is Shakespeare just a pen name of a professional writing service that once existed?
  4. Try to apply Shakespearean themes to modern society. What would it be like if it had been written today?

Believe it or not there are still some creative angles left in the Shakespearean works, you may have to dig a little bit deeper or reach a bit further in order to find them, but it can still be done by a clever writer. If you try to tackle Shakespeare in a unique way that has never been done before, you will probably get a better grade evaluation just for your creative efforts. However do not forget that you still need to find enough evidence in the material to back your insights and do the correct research to legitimatize your paper.