15 Tips To Help You Create A Five-Paragraph Essay With Quotes

Essay writing is an art. It is also a science. That means that although you have to have a flair for writing to write a successful piece, there are also tips and methods you can follow to achieve a great result.

The good news is this; art or science, we have deciphered the secret recipe for creating wondrous essays and this recipe is contained in 15 magical tips. Want to know them? Read on and find out:

  1. You have to have a great topic. That is non-negotiable. If you do not have a great topic, no one will read your essay.
  2. Start thinking of great topics. List them down. Slowly remove the ones you like the least.
  3. List down information about the best topics. Which one sounds the meatiest and most interesting one? Select that. Now you have a topic.
  4. Start deep research about your topic. Look everywhere. Look in books, look online and look in your class notes.
  5. Note down the best points about the topic that you come across. Look for quotes about the topic by famous people and people with influence.
  6. Arrange the information about the topic in an orderly fashion. List the important stuff first. List the positives and negatives separately.
  7. Read through your notes and form an opinion about your topic.
  8. Think about the opinion you have formed and form you thesis statement.
  9. Decide on a structure for the essay. One paragraph for the introduction. Three paragraphs or the body and one for the conclusion. Decide on where to situate all the quotes in the essay.
  10. Write the introduction. Provide a general background about the topic. Establish why reading about it is important. Make sure the reader now cares about the topic and is hooked enough to read on.
  11. Insert the thesis statement in the introduction.
  12. Write the body of the essay. Use one paragraph for one fact or argument and support it with evidence.
  13. Use the quotes in the form of evidence or supporting evidence.
  14. Make sure the paragraphs lead from one to another. Ensure they are all linked and there is a logical flow to the essay.
  15. Write the conclusion in the form of the final paragraph. Tie up all the threads of your arguments into a neat little bow. Deliver your final opinion. Edit and proofread your work before handing it in.