A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics For High School

Choosing a interesting research paper topic for high school can be challenging because there are so many subjects that you can choose from.  The best way to find an interesting topic is to find a topic that is interesting to you because then others might find this topic interesting too.  Once you start you research and find your topic then you are half way done with your research and you can start to do your outline of your topic and research paper.  If you are still confused on what you want to write about then I will give you some suggestions for topics that you can use for your research paper.

Interesting Topics For Your Research Paper

  • 1. Should kids with a handicap go to a special school?  They have classes especially for these children but should that have a special school so they can get more attention or is it better for them to go to a regular school.

  • 2. In what ways is pornography different than prostitution?  This might be a topic that you will have to get approve before doing but it makes for an interesting topic.  They are similar but have different standard what is legal and you can also talk about maybe making prostitution legal to help protect the people that do it.

  • 3. Should English be the official language of America?  Most people in America speak English but we still have a language barrier in some states because of immigration.  Should this be a requirement to move here or at least a requirement for citizenship?

  • 4. Has our education system become a business?  Look at all of the things that schools do to get more money, is this to help the students or to ensure that they are the best schools to attend.  You can look at how the education system at your school works and figure out how it is ran.

  • 5. What are the side effects of getting body piercing as kids?  This is one of the body modifications that younger kids can get with their parents consent.  Kids as young as twelve are getting body piercing but what are the side effects of getting these at such a young age.

  • 6. Are kids today faced with Internet addiction?  You can access the Internet from anywhere you can even get it on your phone without a Wi-Fi connect but have kids today become too depended on the Internet or have become addiction to the non stop information available to them.