Interesting Topics For Psychology Research Papers: Animal Studies

If you are writing a paper on animal studies there is a plethora of topics available. There are thousands of animal species out there which means that you have thousands of topics on which to write. Your paper can be cultivated as an informative paper on a specific type of animal or it can be a persuasive paper that tries to steer the reader toward your position. You might also write a paper that discusses a personal interest that is in some way related to an animal group.

Below are four interesting topics for psychology research papers that focus on animal studies:

  1. Rain Forests
  2. You can write a paper about the rain forest and its inhabitants. While only accounting for six percent of the surface of the world the rainforest is home to fifty percent of the animals in the world. This includes over thirty million plant species and animal species. You can focus your paper on the different types of endangered animals that reside in the rain forest or the destructiveness of deforestation. You can also write about the unique variations of animals that currently reside in the rainforest such as the drill or the colobus money.

  3. Treatment for Animals
  4. Another research paper option is the ethical treatment of animals. You can focus your paper on the history of animal testing and animal regulation. You can write about the principles that apply to the protection of animals as subjects in tests. You can research what methods are used to minimize pain in animal test subjects. You can write a paper that focuses on the housing and care that is used for animals and whether it is species appropriate. You might also write about the demand for veterinary personnel and how qualified or unqualified the investigators of unethical animal treatment might be. Another option is to write about the regulatory framework or legal framework that exists to protect animals such as the welfare act in 1985.

  5. Service Animals
  6. You can write about the growth of service animals and how they are being incorporated for therapy in hospitals as well as schools and nursing homes. You can explore the psychology of the bond between animals and humans. You can write about the use of pets for companionship and whether there is a psychological benefit. You can also focus on how behavior of animals can be altered for service.

  7. Animal Law
  8. You can write about animal rescue after a natural disaster or after families abandon pets. You can write about animal cruelty and what organizations exist to rescue pets that are neglected by their owners.