Powerful 3-Paragraph Essay Writing Prompts For Students

Writing a powerful essay need not be a hard task. You just need the right tools and guides to do it. A three-paragraph essay can be very convincing because you can zero in on the strongest points.

At the very start, you need to be very familiar with your topic. Do as much research on the topic as time allows. From your research, you will find strong, and weak points made for the topic. The advantage for you will be that a three paragraph essay can only cover a few points. That means that your strongest points will take up the whole composition.

Essential Prompts

When you begin writing, you can be guided by the following prompts to come up with a convincing, interesting and winning paper.

  • - Planning this is the stage where you familiarise yourself with the topic, do some research, come up with your points and arrange them logically. Ideally you should have your points arranged from the strongest to the weakest. Don’t skip this stage. It is really the most important stage and enough time needs to be dedicated to it. Writing stage this is where you write out your essay. The composition should have an introduction, body and a conclusion.
    • - Introduction-the essential thing here is to introduce your topic while rousing your reader’s interest. Try and come up with interesting statements that will cause the reader to look forward to reading the rest of the paper.
    • - Body paragraph- this is where you present your points in a logical sequence. That is, let one point flow into another. For example, in a paper on ‘The impact of road accidents’, you can write on the loss of lives, followed by the reduced income for families of the bereaved, and then the impact of this on the quality of life of the children.
    • - Conclusion-a conclusion is basically restating the points you have made. You can emphasise the need for action to be taken, make a call to action, or suggest what action needs to be taken.
  • - Rough draft and final copy- once you have done your research, and you know what you want to say, come up with a rough draft. Write out your composition in full and then read it out loud to yourself. This will help you identify grammatical errors and also to rearrange any points which do not follow a logical sequence. After this, write your final draft.

You will be sure to write a powerful three paragraph essay when you follow the above steps.